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Best Vpn services

Finding a reliable and professional VPN service provider will definitely enhance your Internet experience. VPN service transfers your entire data through a secure tunnel so that no one can intercept it or misuse it in any way. Inexpensive web access via PC or mobile devices can ensure your maximum web freedom and privacy. Unlimited traffic, access to banned resources and anonymous web surfing or downloading are now guaranteed with VPN services. You can easily gain access to sites such as Hulu, Netflix and BBC iPlayer, unlock Facebook or communicate via Skype from any worldwide location. The top feature is that you stay anonymous and totally protected while visiting these Internet resources. No one can intercept your connection, steal your personal data, block your web usage or endanger your activities. VPN service is very easy to set up and use since it does not require any special IT knowledge. You just have to open your VPN account and log in for your safe and unlimited surfing. A client has to fill in his username and password and a secure web connection is established within seconds. Bypass all Internet censorship and protect your online activities.


Why to use ibnvpn ?

A Virtual Private Network  also known as vpn is one of the best solutions available for establishing secured network over remote areas. Deployment of Vpn service is usually done by companies rather than single or group of individuals. Even though it is used for establishing connections over remote regions,it can easily reach within a small network which is sometimes termed as home network.Some Vpn service providers have their servers located in many countries so that you can use the ip address of different countries an access all the blocked websites in your country without revealing you online identity.In short you can surf the net securely .

One of Vpn providers are ibvpn or also know as invisible browsing vpn.If you subscribe to their premium vpn account then you can access their servers from Switzerland , Netherlands, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Romania, Sweden, Russia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Spain and/or Italy ,US,UK Canada and more.They provide mainly three types of vpn like premium vpn,torrent vpn and Multi vpn.They also provide full access to their vpn for 6 hours which is for trial purpose .After six hours ,you will not be able to use their services.For more details on vpn and how it works visit the site .

In comparison to various other technological innovations, VPNs provides numerous benefits, especially advantages pertaining to wireless networking in neighborhood area.

The VPN delivers 2 major benefits more than alternative solutions: cost benefits, as well as system scalability.VPNs additionally provide a few advantages of simplicity of usage to the customers who are able to access these types of networks.

First benefit provided by VPN is cost effectiveness:VPN can help you save a ton of money with regards to the business by eradicating the requirement to get costly long-distance rented lines, lowering long-distance phone expenses and offloading assistance expenses.

Contact rates pertaining to long distance -The VPN can also substitute distant accessibility machines as well as long-distance dialup system internet connections commonly utilised in earlier times by corporate tourists who wanted an acess to their very own organization intranet. For instance, using an Web VPN, consumers merely require to get connected to the closest service provider’s access point which is generally nearby.
VPNs compared to leased lines– Businesses traditionally required to lease network capacity like T1 lines to attain complete, guaranteed online connectivity among their own business office destinations. By making use of a VPN, you make use of general public infrastructure facilities along with the Web to create these types of internet connections as well as make use of virtual networks by means of less expensive localized rented lines or perhaps simply broadband internet cable connections to any neighbouring Internet connection provider.

Assistance expenses — By using VPN’s, the expense of maintaining machines and servers is usually a lot less than many other methods considering that companies can easily outsource  the required assistance to specialized third party agencies. By assisting numerous small business consumers,these  service providers have reduced expense structure  through economy associated with range.


2013 E-commerce SEO Tips

If you have an e-commerce website, it is most important for you to grab the attention of lots of visitors and turn them into potential customers. To attract huge traffic on your e-Commerce website, you need to increase the awareness about your site, which is quite difficult in this competitive epoch.

But, you can follow some essential tips to boost the awareness as well as traffic on your website. In this obstacle, you can follow some SEO tips that are playing biggest role in making one’s site popular globally. So, get detail information about each SEO e-Commerce tips in this infography and make your site popular among millions of people.

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Travelling to India: A User experience

Written by Suman Shrestha (UX designer)

I have been quite enthusiastic from the moment I decided to move to Mumbai – a city where people from every corner of the world are dwelling; says a friend from Mumbai. I also heard it is the economical hub of India. So I presumed there must be lots interactions going on. People are continuously searching for better ways to get things done, seek information they need & better utilities to simplify people’s lives in such a hectic lifestyle. However, to my surprise & couldn’t help being a UX professional I observed most of the time people get stuck for things where simple design and usability issues are needed to be fixed, that will help to ease lot of things for a better city life.

During my travel, my first encounter to some UX issues was at New Delhi airport. Simple fixes could solve a lot of confusions.

1.       Automatic moving-walkways at IGI airport, Delhi
When I arrived at IGI airport Delhi, I saw there were nice moving-walkways. There were voice alert systems at the end of the walk that was continuously alerting the passengers. The system seems nice since it is alerting but the alert is monotonous and it’s playing repeatedly at a fixed interval. It causes the passengers unaware of the voice alert. A better solution can be making the alert only when the passenger is reaching at the end of the walkway.

2.       Travel guides and maps
Another usability issue at the airport was the lack of travel information. I could not find travelling maps and guides inside the airport. There was no information display board. A simple information board can be very much helpful to find information about the location of hotels, restaurants, tourist areas, bus stops, train stations and other important places. If someone doesn’t agree with what I say, it explains my complaint that the user experience has gone wrong as the information needed by people new to India is not in between the route “exit from the plane till the arrival gate or outside the airport”.

3.       Trip from International airport to Domestic airport:
When someone arrives at Delhi airport from international flight and wants to fly to a domestic airport, then it’s quite confusing. I arrived at IGI airport Delhi in and I wanted to go to Mumbai. I had plenty of time so I had some lunch and relaxed for some time and then went to the departure gate to find that departure gate I was directed was only for international flights. One must take a bus or taxi and travel about 5 km to go to the domestic departure. If I had less time I would have missed the flight. It should have mentioned that the departure is international and for the domestic departure proceed to the next terminal which is 5 km away and need to take a bus or taxi available outside of the terminal. One who is new to the city gets a very negative impression of not only the airport services but also the city he has come to visit.

4.       Communication options:
My worries did not end here as I arrived at the Mumbai airport via domestic flight. I could not find public telephone so that I can call someone who is coming to pick me up. I have to borrow someone’s cell phone to contact him. It would also be better if one can purchase a SIM card at the airport. This could help everyone who is new to the city. This explains that the “User” is not satisfied with your services. Even if he had to opt for the services in future because he has no alternate option, businesses do not have the right to continue providing horrible services to their customers.

5.       Direction boards
I wished there were direction signboards showing the name of the destinations at the cross-roads. It helps travelers find their destination easier. I checked with the taxi guy how he manages to understand the routes, to which he replied that they have their own sources to locate places & they cannot depend on signboards to be put in future, but yes it would have made their life easier. One of the main users is finding solutions by himself is a perfect example of a bad user experience.

These issues are few examples of bad UX. We have to take care of many things which are directly or indirectly affecting people’s lives. Few of them are Websites, applications, interfaces, softwares etc. where people put 8-10 hours of everyday working on them or using them for their own pleasures. As West is embracing the UX methodologies more and more in their work, a developing country like India should not stay behind in adopting it either. My job profile as a UX designer will help me contribute good UX designs & solutions, so that we can live a better tomorrow.

Why to Use a vpn?

The abbreviation vpn is referred to as virtual private network. It is defined as a network technology that forms a secure network over a public network. These public networks can involve any private network or Internet owned by a genuine service provider.Vpn is widely used by educational institutes, government sectors and corporate companies to enable their users to access their private network in a secured manner.

The application of vpn is often where intranet is used for providing information on a worldwide  basis or where the area of reach is quite large.In case of educational institutes, the purpose of vpn is to connect campuses which are located in different parts of the country or in different parts of the world.

A user is required to have a unique identification code and password in order to get authenticated and authorized to access the network.To gain authentication to the private network,often authentication codes are used which can validated after the user enters a pin number.This pin number is a code which changes every 30 to 60 seconds depending upon the device which generates the code.

Nowadays,vpn is also used by internet surfers or people who want to hide their identity while surfing.While browsing the net our entire information like which ip address we are using,where we are located ,which isp which are using,what operating system and browser we are using and more of such information is revealed to the site which we are browsing.In other words,we are not secured enough.In order to make sure such information is not revealed while surfing the net,people makeuse to vpn to surf the net.It provides them enough security and also protects them from unnecessary threats like hacking ,virus etc.

There are many vpn service providers over the net but a very few of them provide free vpn.One of the most trusted vpn service providers is CactusVPN.They are very affordable and also provide users to open a free vpn account unlike many service providers which only have paid option.You can use CactusVPN free for a limited period of time.If you like the service then you can subscribe to their service.They provide a wide range to ip address from different parts of the world which makes you free to access blocked sites and surf anonymously.So go ahead and get yourself register right now and experience the power of vpn.

Are Male UX designer better than female or vice-versa?

While men and women can reach similar conclusion and make similar decisions, why there is still gender difference in certain jobs? If you are from India you must know this, ‘Boy or girl?’ is the first question parents are asked about their newborn. Right from the birth why are we so concerned to even know it is boy or girl or whether men or women will fit for this position? I have seen in job posts – “WANTED MALE SALES PERSON”, “WANTED WOMEN RECEPTIONIST”, isn’t it evident that our gender restricts to get into our preferred job? What could be the reason? Why employers are so concerned about genders? Do you think women cannot travel so much whereas men can travel and men cannot be polite to people as good as we? Hmmm, that could be the reason? Then aroused a question, could it be some psychological reason?

Probably we should look into some psychological studies what difference these genders possess. I started reviewing some studies which happened with thousands of people, all I got is psychological studies itself is in a dilemma as some says “Men and Women are same” and to contradict this some studies says “No way, Men and Women are not same”. I would like to highlight some appealing difference in genders from the studies – Emotional stability, dominance, liveliness, social boldness, sensitivity and openness to change. Will you be happy if I categorize you under any one of the above, I am pretty sure each one of us will say no I don’t belong to this category!! The saddest part is our employers have already given you one of those label depending on our gender and still try to measure by fancy methods – stress analysis/ Team spirit/ pressure management.

So woman cannot perform well as a “sales person” is what the employers came up with these analyses and started hunting for male sales person? Can you sense a little disappointment there? Many may and few may not get disappointed (I would like to hear your views on this), but if you personally anticipate an answer from me I say, women possess a completely different thought process when deriving a solution or taking decisions compared to men.

I am not here to validate the employers’ psychology towards gender and how well it works, but all these provoked to think about my field “male UX designers differ from female UX designers?”

I got into a working environment where there is a mix of male and female UX designers, so I don’t think my employer is fond of “Gender psychology” or may be this “Gender psychology” doesn’t exist in UX field. No, I don’t want to conclude here. Let us investigate more on the behaviors of men and women designers to get deeper insights. UX professionals are habitual to think about their users, communicate with users and design for users, but who (men or women UX designers) cares more is what we have to find.

We design products that are used universally- physically challenged person, children, male, female and elders and we have to make people “emotionally connected” with our design to retain them. Emotional thinking – men in general take decisions without being emotionally affected whereas women in general take into consideration of details which most men outlooks. I have always seen men around me (my dad, friends, and colleagues) as an independent thinkers or decision makers as they fail to understand any individual. Women have been global thinkers tend to have a broad or collective perspective and view elements in a mission as interconnected or interdependent. Let us take a remarkable example from our everyday life – every mom gets to know or understands her kid or her man even before they communicate which is tough for a dad to adopt.

Next most important thing as a UX designer is communication and connecting with users. Certain studies have revealed that the “communication center inside a woman’s brain is much larger than the communication center inside a man’s brain and women pay special attention to words, read in between lines and can notice the body language of people along with their facial expressions”. Connecting with people through communication and making them comfortable could be easily achieved by women as they always outstands men in hospitality industry.

“Given that 59% of the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism workforce is female, the only job roles in the sector that are female-dominated are front of house hospitality roles, such as waiting staff, bar staff and catering assistants, and travel agency consultants”

How about having an everyday example?  You must have noticed when we have guest in home it is our mom who makes them feel comfortable, so hospitality starts right from women. So it is another challenge to all UX men to adopt/practice the inborn quality to be a UX designer.

So is there any challenges faced by women in design industry?  My colleague and I had a conversation about women in the gaming industry. Why in gaming industry men are high in numbers? On our discussion we concluded men play more games and will possess high affinity towards gaming industry. As an active user they could derive solutions easily and satisfy their fellow player’s expectation. Perhaps the personal interest is the center for men and women to get into a particular industry and easily practice the characteristics required. From the UX perspective, the natural qualities of women have to be practiced by men.

By Saranya Subramanium – UX Designer (Techved Consulting)

Indian banking sector on UX? – Saranya Subramanium (UX Designer – Techved Consulting)

Banking services stops not only with the websites. It is one among those sectors which has different delivery channels from In-person dealing, Internet banking, Mobile banking, ATM etc. Every person must have experienced stepping into a bank, getting the services by waiting in a long queue, then realizing “Oh, I have forgotten to bring the document”, “It is taking more time, I should come next week” or worst facing bad customer service from their employees. Another spectrum of challenges as a customer we face is “Which bank will serve me the best?” Years ago people have to go to the banks to seek all the services or information. Later, to stop the endless problems banks adopted technology into their systems to earn – “Customer Satisfaction”, but how well the technology is being utilized is another subject.

 It is self-explanatory that Customer Satisfaction is the key note for this industry to retain their customers. What foreign banks do to bring customer satisfaction? Do the foreign banks operate in a same way as Indian banks? Not really, people want everything at their door step, this is what the foreign banks do, they don’t want their customers to travel so long, wait in a queue and get things done.

From my experience, I would like to share how the foreign banks work and it is going to take very few years for Indian banking sector to adopt the same culture. During my 2 years stay in Europe, I have been to bank twice – one is to open my account and next is to get educated how the foreign bank works. I wanted to deposit some cash to my friends’ account but I was unable to access my net banking as my one time code generator instrument (which generates a code to be used during login) was not with me.  Then I reached an ATM took some money and biked to reach the bank. I reached the counter and without enquiring I took a paper which had my friends’ account number, the cash and moved towards him and I said, please deposit the cash to this account. He gave me a peculiar look and said “We are no more dealing with cash, if you have cash in your account I can transfer and we also charge some service fee”. Then I gave thought and realized that he is doing nothing than transferring the money without my instrument for which I have to pay service fee. And I had no option but spending the cash for myself.

Then, I told to myself that few years from now, there won’t be in-person dealing as we are in the process of digitalizing, hence to provide a pleasurable online experience and user friendly interfaces on ATM machines, mobile devices by embracing the importance of usability and a good experience are more vital.  So, how to formulate best customer experience for serving millions and millions of Indian people dealing with their personal finances? As a UX designer, I could foresee people’s motivations and needs tend to be incredibly diverse – expecting same kind of experience regardless of their location or on which device they are working.  Listening to the people around me, I understand people mostly visit banking sites to make transactions, balance enquiry, seek information on loans, investments, credit card etc.

Today banks claim to offer all the above services through various mediums,

Bank 1: “Yeah, our website and ATM are providing all the above mentioned features!!”

Bank 2: “We have more than they requested for and we are market leaders!!”

Bank 3: “We have mobile banking!!”

Sounds Great right!! However how user friendly their customers finding it is still a debate among them.

I looked upon some Indian banking websites and ATMs’ to best explain the above, but I realized compared with the best online experiences in other industries, banks are years behind. None of the banks have set an example of good UX in any medium of their services and speaking from customer’s point of view “we want an experience a lot more human”. 

I remember reading an article, where it says “A lot of traditional banking websites get really distracting and difficult to use because they’re selling so many products and services on all four sides of your content,” ATMs’ has been years after years quoted for the bad design practices and mobile websites, which has become the latest trend among this industry has bunged to look what the customer really wants, hasn’t it?

All the above concerns might seem trivial but it is high time that the banks should start looking their online and other channels as an engagement platform and not a transactional or functional platform. I agree, the customers are task oriented and banks are into serious business, but there are some best UX practices in transactional platforms, bill payments, services, sales to make these issues get sorted. Presenting the Human-ness in a simple, user’s language, focusing on user context and ready to use interface better entice customers.

 “People should never feel like a failure when using technology. Like the customer, the user is always right. If software crashes, it is the software designer’s fault. if someone can’t find something on a web site, it is the web designer’s fault… The big difference between good and bad designers is how they handle people struggling with their design. Technology serves humans. Humans do not serve technology “ – Joshua Porter, an entrepreneur, author and UX expert.


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